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About the 2008 Showcase
The 2008 Entrepreneur Showcase was a great success, as more than 400 people came out to the Charles Hotel to meet and network with last year’s companies

  • Artaic (Boston, MA)
    Software and machinery to create custom site-specific glass tile mosaics
  • Assured Labor (Boston, MA)
    Mobile marketplace to connect employers with workers in their social network
  • AugmentRx (Shelburne, VT)
    Injectable tissue bulking agent to prevent urine leakage
  • Bodega Algae (Jamaica Plain, MA)
    Algae photobiorecactors which use exhaust gases to generate algal biomass to be turned into fuel pellets
  • Corum Medical (Framingham, MA)
    Hand-held non-invasive device to measure hemoglobin concentration in blood
  • Cover4Me (Burlington, MA)
    Platform using SMS, web, email, IM and social networks to enable real time scheduling changes
  • Crimson Hexagon (Cambridge, MA)
    Brand monitoring solution that lets major corporations clearly see people's opinions about their products, services and markets online
  • Delfigo Security (Boston, MA)
    Multi-factor, risk-based authentication to asses and verify user identities
  • DualPoint Wireless (Santa Clara, CA)
    GPS wireless tracking and navigation solutions
  • Ener-G-Rotors (Schenectady, NY)
    Low-grade heat (150-400C steam) to produce electricity
  • Eternity Interactive (Westborough, MA)
    Browser-based 3D web games
  • Free Flow Power (Gloucester, MA)
    River-based water power without dams or diversions
  • Global Classroom (Burlington, VT)
    Online classroom SaaS. Courses/tools for K12 teachers/schools and classroom internet integration
  • Heartland Scientific (Amherst, MA)
    Safety, health, and personal assistance monitoring system and software
  • Hubspot (Cambridge, MA)
    Helping small businesses "get found" online
  • Incelligence (Holliston, MA)
    Applications to distribute wide-ranging on-demand mobile content
  • MessageSling (Worcester, MA)
    Telephony/speech recognition/web tools for VM, VM to text, hands-free messaging, contact management
  • Metaboletics (Baltimore, MD)
    Laboratory devices that facilitate cloning of microbial colonies and selective isolation of cell colony metabolites to accelerate drug discovery
  • Movolu (New York, NY)
    Location-based mobile services - advertising/coupon models, dating, retail maps
  • mPedigree (Accra, Ghana)
    Mobile based drug authentication and tracking technology aimed for developing nations
  • Promethean Power (Cambridge, MA)
    Thermoelectric and/or PV-based (vs. conventional vapor compressor) refrigerator for off-grid areas
  • RealTimeX (Downington, PA)
    Real-time video imaging for dental procedures via miniaturization of medical fluoroscope
  • Redstart Systems (Boston, MA)
    Speech interface software that works the way your brain does
  • Rentomatic (Newton, MA)
    Online property management services
  • ROAM Data (Boston, MA)
    Mobile application platform
  • Svaya (Los Angeles, CA)
    Liquid coating for thin film resulting in increased electricity generation by simultaneously reducing soiling, improving light capture, and preventing heat induced cell efficiency reduction
  • Synerscribe (Philadelphia, PA)
    Multi-functional web-based platform for document production (authoring and publishing) that integrates searching, citing, annotating and writing
  • Ticklr (Waltham, MA)
    Professional networking application that helps users stay engaged with their contacts and provides "relationship management" expertise
  • WebNotes (Cambridge, MA)
    SaaS company which provides a toolbar for bookmarking annotated content; targeted at large firms and academic institutions
  • YouCastr (Cambridge, MA)
    Live interactive sports broadcasting network serving all divisions and athletic levels
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