2018 Leadership Application

Deadline: Wednesday, September 20th at midnight

It's the 20th year of the MIT VC + Innovation Conference, one of the oldest and most prestigious events at MIT. We've been contacted by Inc. magazine and we're on their shortlist for their "Top 10 Most Innovative Conferences" of 2018.

The date is Friday, February 9th, 2018 at the Sloan Samberg Conference Center. We've designed a distributed leadership model in which director level positions have autonomy (and therefore responsibility) to deliver at a high level. We have many things already in place (venue, date, production team, video team, and set design), which means you get to focus on the most important work.

Why be a part of the conference? Don't do it just for the networking and the resume. Yes, the conference's prestige will afford you that, but there are more efficient ways to network and your resume already rocks. If you ask last year's team, the most rewarding aspects involved the relationships we built within the team, the leadership experience of motivating peers who aren't paid to stay committed amidst busy schedules, and the sense of providing something of real and lasting value (see YouTube) to the MIT community and beyond. Furthermore, innovation is intentionally a broad topic; you need not be interested in working in VC to be a good fit for this team.

vcic team

Leadership Team

We are accepting applications for the following leadership roles. Finalists will be invited to interview and ask questions prior to committing. Deadline: Wednesday, September 20th at midnight. 

Director of Finance & Operations

  • Develop budget, pricing, and revenue projections (we have a strong foundation; you won't be starting from scratch)
  • Develop sponsorship packages and fund raise a minimum of $40K from corporate sponsors and MIT programs (starting with last year's sponsors); this a good relationship-building opportunity as well as good sales experience
  • Manage all payments, invoicing, bookings, reimbursements, with the university and contractors
  • On event day, be the operations lead and point of contact for all hired contractors and student event staff
  • Recruit and lead any additional staff you may need (eg. we recommend recruiting someone to select and manage all volunteers)

Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing

  • Develop a strong PR and social media strategy, including a summary you can share with speakers; this was a common request from those who represent high profile speakers last year
  • Manage and grow the digital platforms including website, Facebook, Twitter, and EventBrite ticketing
  • Respond to inbound interest via the conference email account and/or delegate to the right staff members
  • Develop all branded printed and digital materials (we have a good designer or you can choose your own)
  • Recruit and lead any additional staff you may need

Director of Content

  • Lead the content team in developing the conference agenda, interfacing with the speakers, and hosting them during their time at MIT
  • Organize a VIP speaker dinner the night before the event
  • Recruit and lead any additional staff you may need

Content Manager (multiple spots)

  • Book and manage fantastic speakers and be their point of contact throughout the process, including hosting them at MIT the day of the event and (if you choose) introducing them on stage. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your relationships with high profile people you know. Selection to this role is based primarily on the quality of the shortlist of people you provide in the application below. This is a great position if you have an excellent rolodex and want to be involved in the conference only on a limited time basis.
  • Note: we like to think outside the box! Yes, we want some great VCs, LPs, and entrepreneurs, but we are also open to top scientists, authors, athletes, actors, heads of state, you name it. We are open to all kinds of interesting people who have something compelling to say about innovation. We're also putting a special premium on women as we are striving for 50/50 representation. 

Team Member or volunteer (multiple spots)

  • If you can't commit to a leadership position but you'd still like to be involved on a limited basis or as a volunteer, we'd love to have you on our shortlist so our director's can put out requests for help throughout the year


Mark Weber, Conference Chair / MC
Isabelle Phelps, VCPE Club Co-President / MC



Deadline: Wednesday, September 20th at midnight.

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You may select more than one with good explanation, but a clear commitment to one of these roles is preferred.
Especially if you selected a Director or VP of Content role, please provide a list of potential speakers in your rolodex (meaning you know them or have a reliable connection to them); include a short phrase or sentence on who each person is. Remember, they do not need to be VCs.
If selected to a leadership position, what level of priority would this position be for you?
The most important thing here is to be up front and realistic; this will not be held against you.