One month to go…

Posted by Scott Kirsner on October 25th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

Hello Internet users of the world…Scott Kirsner here. I write the Innovation Economy column in the Boston Globe every Sunday, and also the companion Innovation Economy blog. Both focus on start-ups, VC, and new ideas in New England.

I’m looking forward to participating in my third MIT Venture Capital Conference next month. I’m moderating some sort of as-yet-untitled panel that’ll dig into what’s happening in the Web 2.0/digital media/consumer tech space. Todd Dagres of Spark Capital will be on the panel, and he’s always enjoyably snarky and controversial.

One of the issues I’ve been thinking about lately is how we can make it perfectly clear to college and grad students that there’s a vibrant entrepreneurial and VC community in Boston…before they split to start companies elsewhere. The MIT VC Conference helps do that, I think — for just $40 or $50, students can spend a day schmoozing with VCs and CEOs.


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