We are delighted to invite you to the 14th annual MIT Venture Capital Conference: Jumpstarting an Innovation Economy. In this all day event, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and students will come together around fast-paced panels and hard hitting keynotes dealing with the intersection of entrepreneurship, venture capital and economic growth.

We also invite you to stay with us to participate in a massive brainstorming session that we at MIT call Ideastorm, where we all join in to help develop each others’ ideas and think about possible new startups.

Join us as we catalyze the ideas that will drive America’s economy through the coming century.


The MIT Venture Capital and Private Equity Club

Romero Hayman (romeroh@mit.edu) – VC Conference Co-Chair
Sarah Teller (sjteller@mit.edu) – VC Conference Co-Chair
Yih-Han Ma (yihhan@mit.edu) – Co-President, Venture Capital
James Forsyth (jforsyth@mit.edu) – Co-President, Private Equity
Parul Singh (Parul@mit.edu) – Co-President, New Ventures

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› Startups ShowcaseThe Startup Showcase is the opportunity for a selected number of exciting early-stage startup companies to present to an audience of angel investors, venture capitalists and members of the MIT community during the VC Conference.
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› the MIT Ideastorm

Keynote Speakers
Kenneth Hap Klopp
Brad Feld

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